Smart students

Work before pleasure? Or the other way around? Whatever kind of student you are, here are some of our favorite things to make college life a lot more fun (and productive).

Your student years may not always be easy, but you'll look back at them as some of the best of your life: new friends, new ideas, new travels, and all free of the big life responsibilities. Of course, you need to find the right balance between studying and partying for your peace of mind. First, let's help you get the course work sorted. Here are some of the best tablets and laptops to help you learn more, and smash your exams (plus a coffee machine for those up-all-nighters). And you only pay for the time you use them, so can easily send them back to us during your vacations.


Knowledge is power. Make sure you're plugged in.

With the work out of the way, it's play time. When you pay monthly with Grover, you can access the cutting-edge tech that it's likely you wouldn't be able to buy. Things like: a PlayStation for training your reflexes, virtual reality goggles for out-of-this-world parties, a wireless docking station for your tunes, and a top-of-the-range camera for recording and sharing your (publishable) photos and videos. Then next semester, you can ask Grover to send you the latest tech so you can keep ahead of the game. We hope you enjoy this time, and the memories you'll create.