Tech for tinies

Welcome to the world, miraculous new people. Here are some handy things that might make your newborn days a bit more comfy. And save your parents quite a bit of space and money, too.

As well as tiny fingers and tiny toes, you have a tiny nose, that doesn’t breathe well when it’s blocked. The Dyson humidifier will help you breathe easier, by adding moisture to the super-dry winter air. A purifier will then clean that air, and help your sensitive system with allergies – especially if you live in one of those dusty old Berlin flats.

And, while we know it’s a bit early for you, an extra iPhone would be a great help for your parents for a bit. They can use it as a baby monitor, as well as a white noise machine and lullaby jukebox for your tiny ears. (The headphones are for your mum or dad to take a few minutes out.)


Sleep well, little one (please)

And, we know you plan on two things: 1) to keep your parents endlessly busy, and 2) to make a decent mess in the house (for a small person, you can cause quite a large bit of destruction). Here are some things your mama and papa can use to make their lives easier, so they can spend more time with you, playing, singing, giving belly rubs, or just marveling at your amazing face.

(Want something for a friend's baby? Give a Grover giftcard and let them choose.)