From living room to cinema

You don’t need to break the bank to have a home cinema: with one of our TVs or projectors set up in your living room, you’ll always have front row seats.

Forget having to go out to see a movie. We’re bringing the cinema straight to your couch. Cozy movie nights in your living room have never been as razor-sharp as with our ultra-thin Ultra HD TVs. Whether you want to stream the new season of Orange Is The New Black or train with your favorite fitness guru on Youtube – our Smart TVs have apps that can help you stream whatever takes your fancy. And of course you should rent a wireless soundbar to complete the home theater experience.


Shoes off, TV on!

You prefer to use your TV for something more interactive? Connect your Xbox or PlayStation and turn your living room into a gaming paradise. With 55, 65 or 75 inch TVs, we have the right LED or LCD flat screen for any adventure. And if you think it’s too small, just send it back and rent another! Got extra space still? Then rent a HD projector, stream your football team’s match and open up a beer for some quality you time.