Music makers

Making music is one of the world’s greatest pleasures. But the equipment you need (or want) can seem out of reach. We make it accessible to you with an affordable monthly rental, and then if your muse demands it, you can always buy it.

To make great music, you don’t need a Les Paul or Steinway. Grover Customer Service Manager, Semi is our resident DJ and he recommends the Pioneer CDJ 2000 Nexus to create quality techno tunes. If you prefer old school records to online recordings, this classic turntable truly is a music must-have.


Let’s go outside

Once you’ve made your music, it’s time to take it onto the streets. Or into a dive bar/club/house party/park. But wherever it is, the important thing is that you share it. No one will judge anyone who has a real piece of their soul to offer. We can offer you a proper PA system for indoor gigs, portable speakers for busking, projectors for your visualisations, and even headphones to help you get past that stage fright.