Stress busters

Work, money (lack of), social media, Slack… the pressures of modern life can get pretty overwhelming. While some say tech is to blame, we say tech can be the answer.

There’s nothing wrong with getting a little help sometimes. These will help you escape the world for a bit, by reading a book (no, not your Twitter feed), following a yoga workout on the big screen with a projector, meditating in a virtual reality, or blocking out the chaos on your commute with noise-canceling headphones.


Switch on, zone out

Also, you’ve heard it before, but cut down your phone use (no phones in bed/the dinner table/the restroom). However, do use it for some brilliant meditation apps. Or use the Grover favorite FitBit with relaxation button that gives you a calming breathing pattern based on your heartbeat. Then there’s gaming. Not often the first go-to for stress relief, but a few minutes of playing a beautiful repetitive game can be truly relaxing. And, to give you more time to work on destressing yourself, a robot vacuum cleaner is a must-have.