Agency life

Every new brand needs a little help looking good online. Our new website was created by the brilliant studios. We asked them to tell us what tech they couldn’t live without...

“Hi, we’re studios – a collective of designers, storytellers, and developers with a passion for design and technology. Our ambition to break new ground pushes us to create digital products and services that people love. This can only be achieved with a combination of using the best products available and by adopting new technologies early on. Our designer toolkit is simple, yet powerful. To create the best work, Macbook Pros connected to one or two wide LG screens are a must. For pixel perfection we need full focus: noise-cancelling Bose headphones provide us with complete silence. Finally, to deliver the most creative design work we use our Intuos tablets, but if things get serious, we let our office dog take over so he can lead us across the finish line.“


“Our motto? Love what you do”

“While our office dog is hard at work, we’re off playing around because nobody likes “all work, no play.” We’re just as meticulous with choosing our entertainment assets as we are in our designs which is why our go-to console is a PlayStation 4 and virtual reality (VR) headset. Of course, we can’t play our games on just anything, so we’ve chosen the 65’’ Samsung Smart – yes it’s big! Last and never the least, music is essential to a design studio’s work and play and that’s why we have the Sonos Sound System, so everyone can connect and share their favorite music with the whole team.“