The gift of freedom

Give your loved ones the keys to the best of the tech world

Decisions, decisions...

Your mum's an early adopter, your friend already has everything, and your niece wants a different toy every month? Let them decide for a change. Get them a Grover gift card, and they can experience the latest tech, for as long as they want. We've teamed up with VoucherCart so you can give them their own spending money.

How do I buy a Grover gift card?

Easy as anything. Click the big red button below, choose the value (€20, €40, €60, €80, €100, or €150), fill out your details and have the gift card emailed to you, or directly to your friend/partner/mum/brother/neighbor/yoga teacher. They can then put it towards as many Grover products as they like, and if there's some left over, it'll automatically come out of their Grover account the next month.