It’s life, but not as you knew it

You want to try new things, work smarter, and play harder. You love how technology helps you do all this. But you’re not so keen on how much it costs, how much space it takes up, or how quickly it becomes old news.

We think there’s another way

At Grover, we want to give everyone, everywhere, easier access to all the possibilities of technology, without any of the barriers. Here’s how...

How it works

Choose it, use it, lose it, choose it...

Choose it

Look for the things you love in our online store. Join the community and subscribe to enjoy them for as little as one month.

Use it

Enjoy having the product in your life, and the freedom subscribing brings to you: no contract periods, no deposit, and no hidden costs. And we know accidents can happen, so if you damage anything, we’ll pay half of any repair costs.

Lose it (or swap it)

Send it back to us for free, and we’ll polish it up as good as new (and wipe all data), so others can use it too. Intimate items like smartphone headphones will be replaced. Then you're free to choose something new.
Mavic Pro
Samsung Gear
iPhone 7
Canon 7D

...or want to keep it?

If you love it so much you want to buy it, that’s ok. Three months after you’ve reached the recommended retail price (RRP), it’s yours. Or, before that, 30% of the amount you’ve paid will go towards the cost.

Why Grover?

A smarter way to access things

With Grover you don’t need to own things to enjoy them. But if you want the product forever in your life, you can also buy it.

Products in perfect condition

Our team cleans everything, removes personal data, and repackages things, so when they get to you, they look like they never left their box.

Reassuring coverage

We know no one’s perfect. That's why, if you damage anything (though we're sure you won't), half the repair costs are on us.

Rethink things.
If you want to break the world’s linear ways of living. If you want to keep things in circulation, instead of just throwing them away. If you want to live, work, and play with more freedom than ever before. Join us.
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