Cat 2Droid

Range approx. 20km, max. speed 15-20 km/h

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What’s got two wheels, no handlebars, and isn’t a bike? This beautifully engineered rolling replacement for your feet. Winner of the German Brand Award 2017.

Rock'n'roll for the street. And everywhere else.

We've seen camerawomen, basketballers, and postmen using the 2Droid. We've seen people using them to vacuum their house. A few intrepid ones have even made it into the half-pipe. We're going to put ourselves out on a limb here and say: rolling is the new hovering, and will bring you more pleasure than even the finest cat video. The equilibrium sensors, developed by the smartest of German engineers' brains, make handlebar-free, two-wheel driving childsplay – and give you the best fun since the invention of the wheel.

With a 20km range, 18km/hr maximum speed and 60 minutes of battery charging time, the Cat 2Droid is pretty close to being a perpetual motion machine.

Why do you need this in your life?


Turn heads with the slightest shift of your body


Whether you're moving forwards, backwards, or sideways, it feels like you're moving your 2Droid with your thoughts. You choose your journey by simply shifting your weight slightly. To steer, accelerate, and brake, you just bend your feet. To passersby, it looks like magic, so don't hold it against them if they stare.


Trust in top German quality


Wind, weather, road hogs... thanks to its rugged case, rubber tyres, and splash protection, the 2Droid can withstand all the elements. And, of course, as a true European, it fulfils all EU safety directives and CE standards. Innovative balance sensors and its weight of 11.5kg ensure you always feel stable. It's also easy to clean, maintenance free and made of high-quality components. Made in Germany still means made in Germany.


Use it as a workout partner


Your Cat 2Droid isn't just for fun, it's also for fitness. Through targeted use of certain muscle groups like the back, chest, calf, shinbone, and thigh, you can get fit for the next beach trip or Tinder date - and, ok, you can have some fun at the same time. It can also help with rehabilitation: the 2Droid can be used to train the necessary muscle groups in combination with balance exercises.

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