DJI Phantom 3 Advanced Quadrocopter

GPS, 1080P HD Camera

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Your home videos just got a bit arthouse.

The whole world, in your hands

So you want to make a half-decent short movie? This is a very good place to kick it off. This queen bee of drones, from the market leaders, is about as good as you’ll get for your money. It shoots beautiful (1080P) footage, takes clear (12MP) photos and is extremely stable and easy to handle. It can now even film those intimate internal scenes. If you’re not quite a film editor yet, the brilliant DJI GO app will do your editing for you. And if your YouTube audience just can’t wait, you can even live stream your footage straight to them. Then with us, you can give it back to us after the wrap party – and upgrade to the latest model when you’re next feeling inspired.

The Phantom 3 Advanced has a great battery life, and will film for about 20 minutes at a time.

Why do you need this in your life?


Shoot inside as well as out


Not all drones can film indoors. This one can. The clever ‘vision positioning system’ uses three sensors to navigate over the ground (rather than rely on satellites) so you can swoop through a club, hover in a church, or circle round a basketball court. As a creator, sportsperson, or friend of the bride, the world is now your playground.


Enjoy more stability, through relations with the Russians


No more annoying wobbles. Most drones use the standard GPS satellite system to help them stabilize. The Phantom 3 Advanced also uses the Russian system, GLONASS, which means it has more ways to keep itself steady, and keep your videos beautifully smooth and professional.


View every tiny detail, as you fly, with Lightbridge


Traditionally, the video stream that you see while flying a drone (first person view, or FPV) has been, well, a little bit shoddy. Now, DJI, have generously incorporated their Lightbridge technology into the controls so that you can see 1080i HD footage, live. This is an expensive piece of kit in itself, and its addition to the Phantom 3 completely transforms your flying and filming experience.

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