Apple MacBook Pro Retina

As good as new

This is the laptop to sit behind, as you pretend to work in your favorite Berlin café.

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Powerful, portable and a little bit perfect

Whether you’re a photographer, writer, designer, video editor, gamer, or 3D modeller, this laptop is going to be your best friend. Images look stunning from any angle. It’s only 200g heavier than a MacBook Air, while still being clad in a robust solid aluminium shell. Which is good if your laptop is your main source of income. And, while the newest MacBook Pro is for sure very slick, there’s something about the 2015 version still steals hearts. It costs less, for one. It also has more ports – for creative types who still want to plug in their camera’s SD card and old-school USB cables. And yet it still has all the workhorse power and pep that you want and need from a Pro.

Why do you need this in your life?

Dive deeper with Force Touch

This is the first MacBook Pro with this handy little feature, fit for all knowledge seekers. When you press your trackpad that bit harder, you can do more. In videos, press harder on the ‘seek’ button to go faster or slower, click hard on a word and you’ll see a dictionary definition, on locations, you’ll see a map...

Attach all the things you’re attached to

A big advantage of sticking with 2015 is the number of ports, if you’re not quite ready to go full on future. With this MacBook Pro, you get space for a HDMI cable, an SD card, two USB 3.0s, two Thunderbolt 2s, headphones, and your favorite magnetized MagSafe 2 power connector.

Love working with photos and videos

The Retina Display is one of the best displays you’ll find in any laptop. Images and videos are super clear, colorful and with high contrast. Apple says it “delivers deep blacks and bright whites”, and we have to say, we agree. Not forgetting the rainbow in between, in radiant true-to-life colors. If you’re working in graphic design, you need this Macbook Pro in your life.

The Intel Core i5 gives you plenty of processing power for your money.

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Technical specs

Screen size
13.3" Retina display
Intel Core i5-5257U

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Apple MacBook Pro Retina

As good as new

This is the laptop to sit behind, as you pretend to work in your favorite Berlin café.

Prices incl. VAT | €4,95 shipping
With you in 3-7 working days

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