Nintendo Wii U

Prices incl. VAT | €4,95 shipping
With you in 3-7 working days

Why subscribe with Grover?

You’re more flexible

Commitment is for yesterday. What you want now is soon old news. With Grover, you can use tech as if you own it, and send it back when you don’t need it anymore. Or buy it any time.

You have the choice

Whether you want to try a product for one month, use for three months, or keep it for a year – the choice is yours. Choose the subscription period that suits you, and enjoy a lower price for the longer you rent it.

Nintendo Wii U

Prices incl. VAT | €4,95 shipping
With you in 3-7 working days

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What's Grover?

Grover gives you the freedom of renting. Through us, you can rent the latest tech monthly, and use it as if you own it. Now, you don’t have to pay the full price to use things, or invest a lot of money in things that quickly go out of date. With Grover you have the choice. Rent as long as you want, pay monthly, and buy any time. So you can experience more, waste less, and always stay at the cutting-edge of technology.

How can I pay you?

You can pay by credit card (VISA, Mastercard, American Express) or with PayPal – and of course change the way you pay at any time. We don't accept payment by direct debit right now, and can only accept bank transfers in some cases.

Are all products new?

All our products are "as good as new." This means it's in great condition, but may show very minor signs of usage, such as tiny scratches. Returned products are always cleaned, disinfected, and reset to factory settings before they're sent out again, and visibly used products are removed from our inventory. This shouldn't happen, but if any product shows clear signs of usage, please contact customer services at

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