Polar V800

Integrated GPS, battery life of up to 13 hours when training with GPS and sensors and up to 50 hours in GPS power saving mode

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The Polar V800 is a modern GPS multi-sport watch for ambitious sports fans and professional athletes looking for maximum performance.

Polar V800: The GPS fitness watch for athletes

The Polar V800 comes with the following Smart Coaching features.

  • Training load: Shows you how much the training loads your body, and helps you to compare different training sessions. Track your load continuously to identify your personal limits and adjust your workout intensity and duration accordingly.
  • Recovery Status: Shows how much recovery time is recommended before your next workout.

  • Training benefits: Gives you motivating feedback right after the training and describes the effect of the training session.

  • Running Index: Shows you how your mileage is developing.

  • Running Training Program: Train for a running competition with your personal and adaptive Polar Flow training schedule. Choose one of four destinations: 5 km, 10 km, half marathon or marathon, and get a comprehensive training plan that suits you and your goals.

  • Smart Calories: This feature tells you the exact amount of calories you burn, based on weight, height, age, gender, your maximum heart rate (HRmax), and your exercise load.

  • Orthostatic Test: The orthostatic test provides a simple and reliable way to determine your current day shape. It shows you how your heart rate changes through training and factors such as stress and illness. Regularly repeating the test will tell you what to expect in terms of your heart rate and what will affect it. You can then adjust your workout accordingly so that your body can recover as needed.

  • Fitness Test: A five-minute test measures aerobic fitness from your resting heart rate, heart rate variability, and your personal information. By running the test regularly, you can track your progress.

  • Activity Guide: Shows you how active you were during the day and gives you practical tips on how to achieve your daily activity goal.

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