Top speed: 11 photos/second

A shy smile, raindrops falling into the sun’s gaze, the deciding penalty... life’s full of fleeting moments – and you have to move fast if you want to capture them. With the ultra-fast alpha 6000 from Sony you can now blink, but you won’t miss it.

Why do you need this in your life?

Focus on the essentials, thanks to perfect handling

The Sony a6000 fits snugly into your hand, can be operated by fully with one hand, and is extremely compact. The view from the bright swivel display makes it easy to take pictures of the ground, or the sky above. You can also add the OLED Tru-Finder professional search with detailed real-time display. With the seven function buttons, you can set all your important settings exactly how you like them. The convenient dial on the top lets you choose different shooting modes quickly. And because you’re a visual person, you get to choose between four stylish colors.

Miss nothing, ever, with ultra-fast hybrid autofocus

Your Alpha 6000 shoots 11 pictures per second. An amazing feat, but only useful if those images are truly in focus. They will be, thanks to its innovative autofocus with 179 phase detection points (covering almost the entire image) and high-speed contrast detection. The field of vision can be adjusted or set automatically. Thanks to its autofocus, highly accurate movement tracking, and detail-sensitive APS-C sensor, you get stunning picture quality, even in low light.

Be everything to everyone

Sony offers a wide range of lenses for the a6000, for every taste and project, whether the 12, 70, or 400mm. The camera is also compatible with lenses from external manufacturers. Then, make your camera an interactive all-rounder with convenient photo apps and the ability to send data over WiFi or NFC. For this, you have a large selection of flashes, lights, microphones, and filters to choose from. There’s simply nothing this camera can’t take a picture of.

With full-HD (1080) and 60/24p, you can send your videos straight to Hollywood.

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Sony Alpha 6000 + 16-50 mm

24.3MP, 3x opt. zoom, f/3.5-5.6, LB , As good as new

You’ll never miss another decisive moment when you have the fastest autofocus in the world at your fingertips.


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