It’s time to rethink things

What do you remember more? The things you've bought, or the things you've done? Grover lets you subscribe to tech instead of buying it, so you can have more great experiences, more often.

Everything will be delivered to your door in perfect condition.

If there's any damage, we’ll pay half the repair costs.

Love it too much to part with it? We also offer easy options to buy it.

Hello stranger. Are you a dreamer? Explorer? Storyteller? Child at heart? All of the above? We might have just the thing...

Take your dog to work day at Grover

Life just got a bit simpler

Use the things you love, for as long as you want, then just give them back when you're done.

Film your road trip with a drone, DJ at a house party, enter a virtual reality... no more talk, now you can actually do it.

Love Apple? Here’s a juicy collection for you.

When you subscribe to things instead of buying, you save space, money, and some of the world’s resources. Nice feeling, no?

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Our take on the world

Challenging the status quo. Exploring how tech can change our lives. Find all this and more in our blog and in-house magazine, Montag...

What people say about us when we’re not in the room...

“Maybe we should just rent our gadgets”

“Grover – the Spotify of consumer goods”

"Startup of the week"

“I rented all the expensive Tech I can’t afford"

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