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Products in perfect condition

Our team cleans everything, removes personal data, and repackages things, so when they get to you, they look like they never left their box.

Life just got a bit simpler

Use the things you love, for as long as you want, then just give them back when you're done.


What is Grover?

Grover is a fresh alternative to owning things. Through us, you can find better ways to live, work and play, using the latest tech products, by simply subscribing to them monthly. Choose them, use them, and then, when you’re done, just return, switch, or upgrade. Without ever having to pay the full price, or find space for them in your basement. This way you can enjoy more experiences, work smarter, stay current with technology, live a little lighter and help save some of the world’s resources. And, if you like it so much that you do want it in your life forever, you can always buy it from us.

How long can I subscribe to a product for?

Products are rented on a monthly basis. Starting from the first month, you decide how long you want to keep the product, and can send it back at any time. There is also the possibility to own the product, find out more by clicking here How can I buy the product?. Exception: If you have selected our initial 3 month plan while placing your order, you can not return your product before the first 3 months have passed. After those 3 months, your can return your product on a monthly basis

What happens if the product gets damaged?

If your product is damaged during your rental, you are obligated to file a report within 14 days. In your customer account, you'll find the damage form next to your product. Click on the button 'Report damage' and fill out the form. After you've sent us the form, we'll process it and get back to you with next steps. Every product is insured up to 50%, meaning that we will take on 50% of the repair costs in case of damage. Signs of normal usage are completely covered, but if the damage can not be repaired, you will pay a maximum of 50% of the retail price at the beginning of your rental. Lost or stolen products are not insured.

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