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Discover endless gaming possibilities

There are already over 600 games, apps, and experiences you can use with your Gear VR Innovator, and more are being added daily. And you can always go to Samsung’s own apps, as well as those from the Oculus catalogue. Here’s a simple trick to open up the rest of the VR world: just insert your smartphone without connecting it to the USB port, and you can use other software, like the Google Cardboard app. But you didn’t hear that from us.

Feel a world of comfort

The Gear VR Innovator is extraordinarily comfortable. With its soft, flexible foam padding, and weight-distributing head strap, it fits every head shape perfectly. It gives secure and stable support, and thanks to the adjustability of pupil distance and focal length, you can enjoy the full 360° experience, even while wearing glasses. A USB charging port ensures that you can spend as long as you like in virtual reality. But don’t forget to have a drink every so often.

Enjoy the most cutting edge of tech

You can move around the virtual world as if you’re really there, with a 96° viewing field, reflection protection and high-quality Oculus lenses. Pictures are smooth and super sharp. A recessed touchpad at the edge of the glasses serves as a control, so you can easily scroll up, down, right, and left, and press the pad in the middle for "enter".

Sensors detect all your head movements, and transmit them, one to one, to your field of view. Mars? The depths of the ocean? The past? They’re all just a button a way.

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