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  • User1 4637abd79a6a0562f8892e30d74690b0862a5afb7b8f08895acdba5e2908b70c
    "I have so many gadgets sitting in my room, doing nothing. Grover gives me the option to send back and get something else when I want without it rotting away in a corner." - Mike, 30, Web Designer
  • User2 9f9a9b067f3cde62c04e4794e3fc40c87a6daddfad229fc02e5731baebc70407
    "Grover is a convenient service for people like us, startups or otherwise, to expand their business or work on the things they are passionate about." - Agata, 23, Startup Marketeer
  • User3 fa2998a5a9e7a632679259773cddb9360fd19678237b5aacafae5eb52da27ef9
    "You need expensive equipment to produce quality work. Grover allows me to have all my equipment, use it as my own, but not be attached to it - I don’t have to spend thousands." - Federico, 27, Fashion Photographer