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Capture your selfie in all your glory on the screen of this dramatically improved pocket laptop.

Similar body, different beast

While sleeker than ever, the outer shell isn't so different from the iPhone 6, but inside you’ll find many pearls of creative delights to improve your smartphone experience. You can take way better pictures, especially in low lighting, with a generous 7-megapixel (7MP) front camera, and a 12MP back camera. You can enjoy sharper images and videos with a 25% brighter screen. It will do more for you, faster, with a serious performance and power upgrade. And whatever you feel about wireless listening, Apple believes this is the future. We kind of think so too. We say, stick in your AirPods, dial up your iTunes, and be one of the first to go there.

An A10 fusion processor ensures laptop-like performance, while the new, bigger battery gives you up to two hours’ more battery life.

Why do you need this in your life?


Go professional with two very slick cameras


There’s so much to say about the new cameras, but not enough space. So, rather than go on about the high-speed f/1.8 lens (which lets in 50% more light), the 4-LED True Tone flash (so you can better capture dim clubbing moments), and the better front camera (so mum can see just how late you got home last night on FaceTime) we’ll defer to Christopher Anderson from renowned photo agency, Magnum Photos: “This camera is going to be part of any professional’s repertoire of tools. The camera didn’t just handle low light, it rendered the separation of colors in a way that reminded me of film. Just beautiful.”


Do more (and worry less) with water and dust resistance


This iPhone has been redesigned inside and out to save your precious world of photos and messages from disaster. It has new seals and adhesives that stop water seeping in, and complies to the IP67 protection standard. It’s not fully waterproof (yet), but it will take a decent splash of coffee, or maybe even a brief swim in a toilet, and live to tell the tale. For those who are prone to unfortunate water-related incidents, this is for sure a deal breaker.


Embrace a rave new world with wireless audio


Let’s ask the elephant in the room to come over for a minute. With much fanfare, and some quizzical looks, Apple has consigned the headphone jack to the history books. This is a brave move, which should make early adopters feel pretty good, as they swan around with their dismembered AirPod headphones. But it actually makes a lot of sense. Using wireless audio means you can seamlessly connect with all your devices as you go from place to place, and even do things like double tap to chat to Siri. If you don't have Apple headphones, you can use any Bluetooth ones. And you can always use a dongle if you’re still attached to your wires.

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