PlayStation 4 Slim 500GB

500 GB hard drive

Treat your virtual self to a date night with the world's best-selling games console.

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Gaming just got a lot more social

It’s hard to believe there was a time when you could be the most amazing Gran Turismo driver of all time and no one would ever know. Gaming’s a little more outside the box room these days. And the PlayStation 4, the world’s favorite games console, takes the social side to a new level. While you’re playing your friends online, you can upload a video snippet to Facebook, share a screenshot, or even broadcast your skills live. You can also listen to music while playing, or stream the next series of Homeland from Netflix when you’re finished. All on a stylish, slimline box that will fit neatly into your living room, and perfectly into your gaming social life.

Why do you need this in your life?

Chat and share with great social features

The social interface on the PlayStation 4 is richer and easier to use than ever. When you add PlayStation Plus (a must), you can play multiplayer games with friends (or arch enemies). And while there, you can share your brilliance with the online world – and make the most of party chat and game communities. You can also connect your PS4 profile with gaming communities like Twitch.

Put your feet up with the best in TV, movies, and music

Your PlayStation 4 is also your living room’s entertainment hub. As well as playing Blu-ray discs, you can stream TV shows from the regulars like Netflix and Amazon, music from services like Spotify and VEVO, football from PlayStation F.C., and even subscribe to specialist services like Crunchyroll for anime fans.

At last, escape into virtual reality gaming

If you’re looking to enter the world of virtual reality (VR) gaming, the PlayStation 4 is the only games console (right now) that supports it. Yes, you’ll need to get some VR goggles, too, but flying an X-wing, pretending you’re Batman, and exploring the surface of Jupiter are all-consuming, immersive experiences you won’t forget in a hurry.

Keep playing, and charging, with standby mode

It’s a small thing, but this is a bit of a game changer. With the new standby mode, you don’t have to switch off your PlayStation 4 when you’re not using it, and if you leave it on, it doesn’t use as much power or create as much heat. Plus, you can now use your downtime to charge your controller.

Warning: you might start believing alternate realities are real, with dazzling visuals from AMD’s next-generation, Radeon graphics processing unit (GPU).

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PlayStation 4 Slim 500GB

500 GB hard drive

Treat your virtual self to a date night with the world's best-selling games console.

incl. VAT | €4,95 shipping
With you in 3-7 working days

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What do I do if my device gets damaged during the rental period?

If your device is damaged during the rental period, Grover will pay 90% of the repair costs. Report the damage to Grover Customer Service and you'll receive a return label via e-mail for free return shipping. The rent will be canceled once you have shipped the product. If you like, you can just rent a new device. We'll tell you the amount of the repair cost and deduct 10% of your account. If there is a device error, of course you pay nothing for the repair.

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